Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

As people get older, their bodies respond differently to the cold which unfortunately makes them more susceptible to serious health problems. During the winter months, cold temperatures, snowy walkways, and icy roads make life more challenging for everyone, especially for seniors. Unfortunately, snow also brings added challenges to seniors when it comes to their safety and independence. Elly Kleinman, founder of the Americare Companies knows all about that.

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Overview of U.S. Home Health Care Industry

Home health care service is not only the fastest growing healthcare industry, but it is also expected to become the fastest-growing industry in the United States overall, which will open new jobs. For quite some time, we have companies such as Elly Kleinman’s Americare,  that provide a range of skilled nursing and other health care services in this industry, and in addition to that offer personal care services to patients in their homes. As the number of chronic conditions and functional impairments that people have continues to rise, so does the utilization of home health care. In recent years, the overall use of home health care services has increased, reflecting the ever-increasing growth of the aging population and the rise of the above mentioned chronic conditions.

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Healthcare Providers Need to Embrace Technology

Latest analysis of emerging digital healthcare in the global market reveal that despite the fact that traditional digital models of healthcare are often too expensive to be introduced, and new, more favorable digital models of healthcare are changing this emerging market, thanks to their potential to provide healthcare with greater availability, safety and quality. Elly Kleinman, Americare founder and CEO has fully embraced innovation through technology, stating that there is no reason why he shouldn’t place his trust in something that evidently is the future of not only this, but almost every other market.

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