Healthcare Providers Need to Embrace Technology

Latest analysis of emerging digital healthcare in the global market reveal that despite the fact that traditional digital models of healthcare are often too expensive to be introduced, and new, more favorable digital models of healthcare are changing this emerging market, thanks to their potential to provide healthcare with greater availability, safety and quality. Elly Kleinman, Americare founder and CEO has fully embraced innovation through technology, stating that there is no reason why he shouldn’t place his trust in something that evidently is the future of not only this, but almost every other market.

Healthcare Embrace Technology

Healthcare costs are increasing exponentially in new emerging markets. With the increase in income and the growth of the middle class, people are spending more on healthcare, and consequently demand better healthcare services. Consumers are no longer passive patients as they are getting more and more involved in the decision making process, and have access to new tools and better information. Lifestyles are also changing and people are living longer and more quality lives. Recognizing this trend which shows no signs of slowing down, Elly Kleinman Americare has kept his fingers on the pulse of technology innovation.

Healthcare systems in emerging markets which are already facing the challenge of underdeveloped infrastructure and critical lack of resources, have felt the increased pressure. In order to have those traditional digital solutions in healthcare, such as electronic health record, which are very popular in developed markets, there must be enough funds which have been previously gathered for their purchase, installation and maintenance. Therefore, such tolls are rarely introduced in emerging markets. Health is one of the things that hold us all together, regardless of our age, ethnicity, location or gender. Elly Kleinman Americare was able to recognize this fundamental truth a long time ago, and managed to build a successful business on its base. Providing these services in an efficient and cost- effective manner is the answer to all healthcare providers who wish to progress in this modern time, and that means adopting technology.