Elly Kleinman on Delivering Skilled Home Health Care

Home care is an array of health and support services provided in homes, retirement communities and other community settings to people with complex and multiple chronic conditions  (heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes) or rehabilitative health care needs. The main goal is to help your loved ones sustain and maintain their quality of life in the comfort and safety of their own home. Services offered through home care programs include assessments, education, nursing and rehabilitation, personal assistance with daily living activities, help with everyday activities, and support.

Home is the preferred setting for health care because the patient is most comfortable there. Home care allows patients to recover in the comfort and security of their own home and receive individualized care designed to meet their specific needs. However, maintaining independence isn’t the only advantage that home health services offer. · Namely, this way family members can be actively involved in their loved one’s care and able to develop a daily routine that works for everyone.

Older adults with chronic conditions or similar frailty represent the most demanding group for care and support, across a broad range of health care services. Delivering home health care to an aging population has inspired Elly Kleinman, founder of Americare Companies, a nationally-known company active in the home health care scene, to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver care. In order to find, manage and support better quality home health care, he combined innovative new technologies with an advocacy approach.

Home care is a priority for all Americans, for patients and their care givers, for health care providers, and for governments. However, engaged home care providers can’t achieve transformational change without effective government leadership.

In recent years, the internet has transformed into a powerful tool for delivering quality health care. The rapid progress in technology has provided patients with better access to medical information, and it has empowered them to become better educated and able to advocate for themselves and for their loved ones. On any given day there are more people asking health related questions on Google rather than their physicians. In the past year alone, over 72% of the Internet users looked for health information online. Technology trends offer potential to improve the overall healthcare system and promote better healthcare outcomes for many Americans.

These new innovative applications have enhanced the management of high-risk populations, by providing daily monitoring, timely interventions, in-person visits, triage of clinical needs, and reinforcement of treatment and discharge plans.

Elly Kleinman and Americare are working hard to further improve these interventions and prevent avoidable causes of hospital readmissions. As the company’s president, Elly Kleinman is committed to developing new programs and expanding their services such as providing transportation for nurses and aides to remote areas. His goal is to help patients, physically challenged, and elderly in need, to recover from an illness or accident and maintain their independence. Keeping patients independent in their homes has proved to be successful in reducing emergency care and hospitalizations, improving the quality of life and patient satisfaction, as well as reducing the total cost of health care.