Science Fiction Ideas Realized in Medical Technology

Sci-fi books and movies have long predicted what’s coming in the world of medicine. Technologies that we have only seen in movies before are now transforming our everyday lives. In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, the doctor gave the elderly woman a pill and she grew a new kidney. Although scientists have not yet reached that far, Elly Kleinman, Founder, and CEO of the Americare Companies says that many futuristic devices we see in the movies are quickly becoming reality.

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Medical Technologies Continue to Improve Over Time

Over the last two decades, the healthcare industry has advanced greatly, and technology seems to be the driving force behind most of these improvements. Today, technology affects every single aspect of modern society. There isn’t an industry out there that hasn’t been affected by the hi-tech revolution. So, regardless whether we’re talking about communication, security, healthcare, banking or transportation, one way or another, they all rely on technology. However, nowhere is this immense impact more apparent than in the field of medicine and healthcare.  Below, Elly Kleinman, founder, and CEO of The Americare Companies notes down some of the biggest breakthroughs and trends that dominated healthcare and medicine in the past year.

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Tips for Seniors to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

As people get older, their bodies respond differently to the cold which unfortunately makes them more susceptible to serious health problems. During the winter months, cold temperatures, snowy walkways, and icy roads make life more challenging for everyone, especially for seniors. Unfortunately, snow also brings added challenges to seniors when it comes to their safety and independence. Elly Kleinman, founder of the Americare Companies knows all about that.

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New Challenges Facing Home Health Care

As Americare keeps on using their impressive tools in order to expand its quality services and at the same time contain the costs, it must be noted not to force extra burden on the home care suppliers and providers.

In a recent interview, Elly Kleinman noted that there can be an intemperate level of unbending nature in the administrative and automatic structure. This mostly relates to meeting all the requirements for cooperation in government programs. For instance, certain government arrangements requiring case administration and a solitary purpose of passage run counter to activities advancing case administration, plus coordination and making purposes of various section – something that has been implemented in New York state for some time.

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