Elly KleinmanRapid aging of the population is one of the most significant trends of the 21st century. People aged 60 and above make up over 11 % of the global population, and by 2050, that number is expected to rise to about 22 %. By that same year, one out of four Americans will be aged 60 or above. Elly Kleinman is founder and CEO of the Americare Companies. He recently stated that for the first time in history most people can expect to live into their 60s and beyond.

And while population aging is a global phenomenon, it is progressing fastest in developing countries, including those with large youth populations. As Elly Kleinman tries to present here, on this website, aging is moving with a much faster pace than in the past and all countries face major challenges to keep their health and social systems prepared for this demographic shift. The gathered data and conducted analysis at Elly Kleinman Americare show the longer a person lives the more likely he or she is to take on a second career, further their education, pursue a long-neglected passion or take on another activity that will help society as a whole.

According to a study by Elly Kleinman, aging itself is a triumph of development. People are living longer because of better nutrition, sanitation, health care, education and economic well-being. Although aging brings with itself a range of social and economic challenges, the right set of policies can equip individuals, families and societies to address these challenges and to reap its benefits. In Kleinman’s optimistic view, there may be alternatives to the traditional aging path embraced in most developed countries. As recent surveys indicate, within the United States, most Americans approaching retirement age with a active, healthy lifestyle, do not want to retire.

Americare Companies and Elly Kleinman as its chief executive for many years now have been trying to raise awareness about aging as well as the need to harness its opportunities and address its challenges. Mr. Kleinman also supports various surveys and research to provide base for policies, and make sure aging issues are integrated into development and poverty reduction strategies and programs. He is also Founder & President of the Amud Aish Memorial Museum (AAMM) & Kleinman Holocaust Education Center (KHEC).